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    管风琴拥有两千多年的发展史,有着所有乐器中最为庞大而复杂的结构,也有着其它任何乐器都无法比拟的丰富而辉煌的音响, 被誉为乐器之王.
  Pipe organ has a long history of over 2000 years and it has the largest and the most complicated structure and the amazing and incomparable timbre that any other instruments don’t have. So it earned the name of king of instruments
  在音乐之岛鼓浪屿上,坐落着中国唯一的风琴博物馆,全部藏品均捐献自出生于鼓浪屿的澳大利亚爱国华侨胡友义先生. 这不仅是胡先生对音乐的挚爱之情,更是海外游子对故乡的拳拳之心.
  China’s only one organ museum is located in Gulangyu Island, also known as "Piano Island." and all of the collections in the museum were donated by Mr. Hu Youyi, a patriotic overseas Chinese who was born in Gulangyu Island and lived in Australia. His donation was not only out of his love to music but also out of his love to his mother land.   
  管风琴独特的设计,众多的部件和精密的构造需要技术人员日常精心的维护和调音,每一次动人的的演奏背后, 都离不开工作人员长期的辛勤劳作.
  The unique design of pipe organ with many components and precise inner structure requires careful daily maintenance and tuning by technician. Behind every amazing concert is staff’s long time’s hard work. 
  在鼓浪屿风琴博物馆的新馆内, 中国最大的管风琴“凯斯文特”巍然伫立, 新馆就是特意为其建造的.
  The museum has China’s biggest pipe organ, that’s Casavant pipe organ majestically standing in the new museum that is built exclusively for it.

  这位庄严的百岁“老者”来自美国波士顿, 琴体高达13米,宽12.5米,重35吨,共有7451个风管和133个音栓.“凯斯文特”由波士顿教堂灵光堂的一架英式管风琴“圣坛管风琴”,和另一架法式管风琴“画廊管风琴”合二为一改造而成,于1917年完工,是当时北美最大的管风琴. 
  The 100 years old Casavant pipe organ was shipped from Boston in the United States and it’s 13 meters high, 12.5 meters wide with 7,451 pipes and 133 stops.  It weighs 35 tons if assembled. Casavant was made by remodeling a British alter organ and a French gallery organ from Emmanuel church in Boston and the remodeling was completed in 1917 and Casavant organ was the largest pipe organ in North America. 

  经历过火灾,部分受损后, “凯斯文特”被引进到厦门重新修复.庞大的体量使得修复工作浩大繁冗. 为了完美地再现它古雅的风姿和深厚的内涵, 大量部件,原料,器具都需要从欧洲订制而来, 不同阶段还需要来自不同国家不同专业的团队, 整个修复工作是一场跨越国界的通力合作.
  Partially damaged by a fire disaster, Casavant organ was shipped to Xiamen for restoration which required heavy and complicated workload. In order to restore its classic elegance and majesty, many components, material and tools needed to be customized and shipped from Europe and the technique teams from different countries were hired to Xiamen for the restoration which was really a multi-national collaboration. 
  穿行在凯斯文特巨大的琴体之中,犹如穿行于一座完整的建筑, 很多部分都足以成为一个独立的房间. 而数千根音管如同森林环绕,加上精雕细琢的纹饰,这件庞大的乐器本身就是一件稀世的艺术珍品..
  Walking under the giant body of Casavant organ is like walking in a complete building as many parts of it are big enough to be a single room and thousands of pipes are like trees in the forest and plus its delicate pattern, this large instrument is a priceless rare art treasure.
  修复安装远比制造一台新的管风琴还要复杂,不仅要接近设计者的初衷,在声音表现上还要适应时代需求. 高科技的注入为修复重建带来了全新的检测维护方法.
  The restoration work is far more complicated than making a new organ. It has to be close to designer’s originality and fits times’s need. High technology brought the new method of testing and maintaining to the restoration work.
  传统的制造工艺与现代的控制技术相结合, 凯斯文特正日臻完美,恢复着百年的荣光. 来自东西方的琴师与工匠们的鼎力合作,也正在风琴博物馆里演绎着友谊的乐章.
  The combination of traditional making process and modern control technique makes Casavant organ better and better, restoring its century -old majesty. The collaboration between eastern and western organist and technicians in the organ museum is promoting the friendship as well.  
  黄钟养六气,大吕宣九德. 鼓浪屿上的管风琴将向世界奏响华丽庄严的和谐之音.
  The pipe organs in Gulangyu Island will display to the world the solemn, majestic and harmonious music. 

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