[精彩闽南] 高度 2017年08月22日

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栏目名称:[精彩闽南] 高度


  Every city has its vitality and I believe many people would think so, holding such subtle feeling about the city. In Xiamen, every bit of it is full of beauty and vigor which cannot be touched by fingers and you need to feel it on foot and capture it by pressing the shutter on camera. I pretty like the moment of standing on the top of city as if the time of this moment stops and you just need to close your eyes, imaging whatever you want and the moment you open your eyes and the shutter is pressed and then the whole city is in your hands

  我是城市独立摄影师,张文良。I'm Zhang Wenliang, a freelance city photographer


  I'm living in the city, watching the busy street and crowd. And I pretty like to stand on high buildings, watching the sunrise and sunset and prosperity of the city as well


  Do you know it's feeling fantastic? This city keeps radiating its charm in all seasons and all kinds of weather. Such charm is as energetic as hormone, pushing me to keep searching for it. The people, buildings and even the deserted unknown corner in this city all appear so attractive to me. I love Xiamen because of its lovely view and love it more because of its invisible beauty: modern skyscrapers with the aged street, people living a conformable and carefree life and the island is surrounded by mountains, azure sky and the blue sea. 

  手里拿着相机,背上书包,我就可以在厦门穿行一天,与未知的事物邂逅,举起相机的瞬间,结果已经没那么重要了,最重要的是它就在我的面前,近得我都能感受到它的呼吸。Holding the camera in my hand and bag on my back, I can travel the whole day in Xiamen. The moment I hold up the camera to capture something unknown that I come across, I know that it's not important that what will come out from my camera, and what really matters is that it's right here with me and so close with it that I can feel its breath


  Building is the major part of a city and every building seems to have its root deeply connected with each other under the earth and I even can feel that strong connection when I stand on the top of building. Each road is just like city's blood vessel and the close relationship with city enables me to see the diversification of Xiamen which looks like a mysterious gift box including something I love such as aged mellow wine and flavor, cold Cola and romantic coffee. I would like to capture all of these into one picture by camera. The pictures I take reflect a lot of things such as four seasons, people's happiness and sorrows, different culture getting together. And this city is so inclusive of everything


  Many people compare city to the forest made of concrete and just like the monkey living in the forest, I'm living a free life in the city, climbing around different high buildings to capture what I see and I think I can be as high as the building.


  On the top of Xiamen, I look afar, taking a breath of fresh air and press the shutter of camera.The height of city is broadening my vision to the world, and I'm going with the city


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