[精彩闽南] 艺海澳头 2017年08月22日

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栏目名称:[精彩闽南] 艺海澳头


  Aotou is located in Xindian town of Xiang’an disctrict of Xiamen and surrounded by mountain and sea. Across the sea there are Xiamen Island and Kinmen Isalnd. It used to be the well-known ferry area in south Fujian and its good transportation network made it very convenient and thus the commercial business here once was in full flourish. 


  Nowdays, Aotou is still as plain as what the fishing village was thousands of years ago and it can be seen everywhere that oversea Chinese’s contribution to Aotou’s development. 


  The family names for two major clans in the village are Jiang and Su, each clan takes up half of the population of village. The ancestral halls of Jiang and Su are adjacent. The generations of Jiang and Su are good-neighborly. 


  The courtyard of Su’s ancestral hall was damaged and after renovation, it blends the traditional style of south Fujian architecture with modern space design elements. Such uniqueness well explains Aotou’s brilliance in the past and present.

  苏遥本土艺术家 Su Yao, a local artist


  Su Yao has been living in Aotou for over two decades. He uses the broken ceramic pieces and abandoned boat wood he picked up from farmland and sea beach to create a series of artwork. People living around sea port keep moving forward to pursue their dreams in the future. One person in one village of this world is expecting his dreams to come true.


  Su Yao: my foot is like a piece of lousy pen, writing poem on the sand beach and the sea is the reader.


  Perhaps due to such feelings, more and more artists get together in Aotou, starting their own studio there. Diverse artistic creation, display and exchange and communication have got into people’s life in Aotou.


  Aotou’s deep cultural history and strong lifestyle are the endless inspiration for artists.


  Zhang Yatao, a young artist from Inner Mongolia


  Among the cities I have been to, Xiamen is more vitally artistic. Xiamen provides me with more opportunities as for us young people, we can have exchanges and communications with more artists especially those oversea artists to broaden our vision.


  The Europe, tens of thousands of miles away, Europe and Aotou are closely connected by art. As Aotou grows up to be a gathering place for new international art, the villagers here are in close proximity to foreign artists.

  Joseph Ahel 当代艺术家来自克罗地亚

  Joseph Ahel,  contemporary artist from Croatia


  Meaning: Because here is so quiet to creat, enough speace for work shop wood food ,upstairs for painting and drawing. That’s why I am here. That’s why I am in China. That’s why Iam in Xiamen. I must say I

  love it .I don’t like it I love it


  Such strong artistic mood arouses villagers in Aotou to create more artwork. And the collection of genuine and honest artwork with the tinges of sea shows their love to life.

  陈清明厨师 Chen Qingming, a chef


  Last year I saw Swedish artists display their drawings in Aotou. They can draw and as a cook, I can do sculpture so I asked them to help buy some drawing material for me and then I started drawing and this is the first picture that I drew.In the past customers came to eat food and recently they come to see my drawing work as well. Art is not that far away and just take pen to draw what you want.


  As night falls, different artistic forms are exchanged and communicated here by artists from different countries.


  Aotou, the artistic place for artists all over the world to create and display their artwork and today’s Aotou is bringing eastern and western culture and art together.


  Aotou is a good example that how a traditional Chinese village is developed and also a place for interaction between marine culture of south Fujian and international culture.


热词: 精彩闽南 艺海澳头 澳头