[精彩闽南] 一线时光一线心 2017年08月22日

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栏目名称:[精彩闽南] 一线时光一线心

  一线时光一线心 Love for Lacquer Line Carving Craft


  In 1966, statues of four guardian warriors in Nanputuo temple’s Tianwang palace were completely destroyed.

  蔡氏漆线雕第十二代传承人 蔡水况

  Caishuikuang  Cai family’s 12th generation heir of lacquer line carving craft


  Cai shuikuang: I left for Nanputuo temple at 7:00 in the morning. It was desperately devastating to me the moment I saw the statues were smashed into pieces onto the ground when I got there. I didn’t expect that 15 years later, I would be the person who remakes the statues of these four guardian warriors. Perhaps this is fateful coincidence.】 


  The statues of four guardian warriors recovered by Cai Shuikuang who spent a couple of years have become the largest artwork in lacquer line carving .They are glorious and impressive.


  Since the colored sculpture was well developed in Tang dynasty, the artwork of lacquer line carving has been widely applied to the Buddhist statues process and known as Buddhist statue embellishment and this artwork has gone through thousands of years’ including Song dynasty, Yuan dynasty and Qing dynasty to be well matured. Three hundred years ago, Buddhist statue embellishment store named Xilanxuan opened by Cai family and located in Maxiang town of Tong’an district at the intersection of Xiamen, Zhangzhou and Quanzhou was well known. And the name qixiandiao (lacquer line carving) was given by Caishuikuang in 1973.

  蔡氏漆线雕第十二代传承人 蔡水况

  Caishuikuang  Cai family’s 12th generation heir of lacquer line carving craft


  Caishuikuang: It was not allowed to carve Bodhisattva during Cultural Revolution period, so I came up with the idea of carving two eggs and pen holder and put them on sale. After six months, it was quite thrilling that these two items were ordered for over ten thousands and then I named this artwork as qixiandiao (lacquer line carving)】


  This lacquer line carving has grown up to be an independent artwork from one of Buddhist figure sculpturing processes. In the eyes of Caishuikuang, just like edification by his father, the heritage of Buddhist sculpture embellishment and lacquer line carving means a lot to him.

  郑成功收复台湾 Recapturing Taiwan by Zhengchenggong


  Caishuikuang: I admire my father a lot and I didn’t study well in the school so my father said you are not the material for academy, why not learn other skill but first of all, you need to lean to be a good person and work hard in your career. So I learned with my father late at night to 12’ clock. I continued to do what my father hasn’t finished when he passed away and I think he would be happy in the heaven】

  蔡文沛系列作品 series of artwork by Caiwenpei:


  In 1986, Caishuikuang disappeared from the public after finishing the masterpiece of four guardian warriors sculpture in Nanputuo temple as he was pursuing something greater.   

  蔡氏漆线雕第十二代传承人 蔡水况

  Caishuikuang  Cai family’s 12th generation heir of lacquer line carving craft


  Caishuikuang: I intended to spend 10 years to do the lacquer line carving on the figures in Chinese four great classical novels and legends to represent my artwork. I spent nearly 20 hours every day from 7 am to 3 am in the mid night and finally I have completed 14 pieces of artwork in 12 years.】


  Mr.Cai’s inventiveness and obsession with lacquer line carving craft created priceless lacquer artwork for China


  Caishuikuang: The great cause calls for more people to join and only their creativity to blend with our tradition can we take a correct and better way.


  Starting from historical Buddhist statue embellishment in temple, Lacquer line carving craft is getting more mature and creative, leaving the later generations with great heritage.

  一线时光流转,Time lapses in the twines of lacquer thread carving,

  一线传扬在心。The love for this artwork will never die in the chasing lines.


热词: 漆线雕 蔡水况 佛像 蔡氏漆线雕 南普陀